“Hi. We’re Jimmy and Mushfiq, and we’re offended by bad content.”

Or, more accurately: We’re offended by the sheer audacity of some of the content writing providers out there, who put out such an appalling level of product with the straightest of faces.

Laughing at their customers all the way to the bank, more like.

Yeah, yeah.

I know the saying.

“Pay peanuts, get monkeys.”

Even so, how did we let the standards in the content-production world stoop so low?

“Native English”. “Copyscape-checked”.

“2 RoUnDs oF eDiTs”.

It all sounds great– until you get your content back and realize that it’s none of those!

“70% optimization scores” doesn’t mean the darnedest thing when the HUMANS reading an article can’t understand a w

And so, Clockwork Copy was born out of necessity

Our only mission is to write engaging, expressive, search engine-optimized content that both gives the reader what they’re looking for in the moment- and keeps them coming back for more.

My journey started like many others in this space.

Lured in by the lucrative, passive potential of niche websites as a side hustle, I headed off into the WWW wild with nothing more than a too-old laptop and an education by Jon Dykstra of FatStacks fame.

Fast forward 12 months, and I’d achieved moderate success with three major components: Solid keyword research, an aged domain, and 500,000+ words of high-quality, self-written content.

One low six-figure sale later, I was back at the beginning again- with plans to deploy new-found capital towards outsourcing content.

And that’s what has brought us to this point today.

Because everywhere we looked, the answer was the same:

High-quality content was too expensive to scale with, while more affordable sources unapologetically left you editing for a couple of hours after delivery (if the article was even salvageable at all!).

After more than $20,000+ spent on multiple well-known content providers, we were left with the question:

“Whatever happened to professional standards, and actually delivering what was promised?”

We’re Clockwork Copy, and we’re offended by bad content.

And really, that should say it all

Our Pricing for Breathtaking Content

10,000 words

$0.08 Per Word


Or about 30-40 blog posts!

(Minimum orders start from 10,000 words. Please take a look at the type of order guidelines and instructions that we work with before placing an order.)

**Fair Warning**: To ensure that we always fulfill the highest quality and customer service expectations in the industry, we stop taking orders completely once we’ve reached our current capacity limit. Thank you for understanding!